Scrap Metal & Cars

Typical Applications
Ferrous and non-ferrous metals are particularly valuable resources. For volume reduction however very durable cutting tools are needed. Specifically designed for this application our metal shafts break the material with huge force and produce a final product size of up to 200 mm. The auto-reverse function prevents excessive damage to the blades.

  • Car Bodies
  • Engine Blocks
  • Alloy Rims
  • Aluminum Profiles & Blocks
  • White Goods
  • Mixed Scrap

After shredding with a slow-speed, high torque shredder like the VZ 950DK Metal Version you can take the next step and recover the various valuable metals to maximize your profitability. We offer a straight-forward downstream separation system that provides a uniform size to your end product, offers magnetic separation using a drum magnet, recovery of aluminum using an eddy current separator, as well as picking stations for separating items such as electric motors (meatballs), wire, stainless steel, etc.

Benefits over a traditional hammermill type shredder
A slow-speed, high torque shredding process offers a very efficient, flexible, low-cost alternative to traditional hammer mill style shredders:

  • No special foundation / site prep necessary beyond a common concrete pad
  • Machines can be re-positioned easily to adapt to your yard layout
  • In most states no additional permitting is required
  • Quieter to operate, with less impact on surrounding area
  • Significantly less wear & tear maintenance required
  • Produces a clean, uniform end product that can be sold direct to the steel mill

Machines for scrap metal applications: